You recently saw a couple of the photos we took with AskoJonathan Photography for my Happily Ever After-act. Because behind-the-scenes photos always make things better here's the set up for the series. A lot can be, and is done by photoshop, but the more you can put into the set organically the better. So I had the other photoshootees of the day functioning as ground for my rose bushes. As one does. Obviously the raw shots where there's a faun peeking out under my elbow are the best ones. Here are some shots of how the actual act looks on stage - photo: Bernhard Miettinen photo: Minna Jerrman photo: Bernhard Miettinen It's my most Burton-esque act, that even though it begins eerie and sad, sort of a too-late Sleeping Beauty scenario, actually is rather humorous. In a tragicomic Burton kind of way. It started out as an idea for a quick Halloween act for our own event, where I wanted to dance with, what I first just planned as a ghost out of fabric, but then came up with - a


Lately I've let the foundations and powders (I usually use mineral powder foundation for everyday use) rest in my drawer and used only this - Lumene's Instant Glow Beauty Serum. I had a friend praise it for magic a while back and tried a sample in the shop but didn't really get what it was about. But when I got a small bottle as part of a Christmas gift and actally tried it on my face instead of at the palm of my hand I realised it really does something . Not sure what it that is, but it works. I't wont offer coverage nor fill out any fine wrinkles but it somehow makes things i.e. the face, look nice. All in all I actually use less make up and skin care now when odler, than in my twenties. Or; less product. Part of it is age and convenience and (mainly) a different way to see yourself, part is propably also that I do a heavy stage make up often which calls for the face to rest. I do love make up and prefer strong lips (as you know) but unless it's a special day when


Lets start the week with some cake! The other day I was a guest at a radio show where we talked about the usual things that I tend to visit various shows for, but also had some chit chat on different things, one of them being food. But I can't really asnwer the question of weather I cook or not correctly. Perhaps a boring  ' sometimes ' is the right answer. Most of the time I just make what I can get away with quickly (and, as you may recall, due to how I work I most often buy something fast that I have in my car...sniff). But sometimes I do cook properly, and mainly tend to bake things. And I have a habit of not really following recipes, but rather get inspired by them, and often coming up with things myself. So - here is a semi-raw, no-bake, vegan and  gluten free cheesecake without white sugar that I put together for Easter. Ok, I know the above categories will make some go "blah" but for me the thing with making these "free of"-cakes is that they sho


At the end of last summer we renovated a room for Dag! Ever since we moved out of the flat in the city to stay in the countryside permanently we have been living in a constant renovation state, or rather, the notion of a  we-should-be-renovating  state. Half of our downstairs still consists of a labyrinth of boxes, and while I knew this would be a slow process, it is driving me insane nontetheless. However, slowly but certainly we have managed to get  some things  done:  a year ago we turned what I had referred to as "the renovation hole" into a walk-in closet, and at the end of summer we finally got around fixing Dag a proper room! (Earlier this year we renovated a room for Dag's older brother -the oldest boy has moved away from home to study already- and as late as then we finally also got proper electricity in this room; everything had been with extention chords there forever. We also got electricity to the walk-in closet and some chords and plugs in our bedroom corre


I am such a Wes Anderson nerd; so can't wait for this one! To quote cnet: "Wes Anderson out-Wes Andersons himself". Also very much feeling the poster: Ps. Are you following Accidentally Wes Anderson on instagram ? Love that account!


Filling this one up. I  took a walk in the woods today , and walks this time of the year - although this winter is very much warmer than normally - always makes me chilly and calls for a warm bath. (Will also add that here I am carefully balancing and cropping out husband's mini-motorcycle workshop that has appeared on the bathroom floor, with it's tires resting here for their second week already...) Meanwhile, filling this up too. The rest of the family is in the north skiing so might as well do a little bubbly by myself. In with this golden Lush bath-thingie! On with some opera in the background (with more volume than otherwise, as, alas, I am indeed the only one in the house for now) and then in in the bath with me! Not coming up until I have reached full-on raisin mode.


We are in the year 2020 and that means a third decade of keeping this blog has started.  It sounds like a lot, perhaps like more years than it actually is, but nevertheless that is the case. During these years the internet has changed, of course. Blogging has changed. And  I have changed - would be rather terrifying if I hadn't. My first very first blogpost was about my 26th birthday and I will be 40 next year. The past years I have not had the same time to blog - as someone might have noticed (but not the 3746 spambots that happily keep on commenting about escorts and digital marketing) - but in moments blogging also felt too trivial, with all that has been going on in the world and society. I feel those who still hard core blog are so branded it's mainly just about sponsorship and product placement and I get it - blogging takes time and time is, after a certain amount of it at least, money. I am busy running businesses; both the studio and the showbiz and some kind of brand o